“Instead of asking “what do I want from life?”, a more powerful question is, “what does life want from me?”  (Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth, 2005).

Having practiced as an RN in outpost, rural, emergency, community and palliative health care in Russia, Canada and New Zealand, I am finding myself stepping outside of the classic nursing “box”.

I work at the intersection of Nursing and Medical Herbalism fields through my private practice of a Nurse Herbalist, harm reduction work in psychedelic medicine, psycho-spiritual health support and holistic health workshops tailored to patient’s needs.

I provide comprehensive physical and psycho-spiritual health assessments, holistic nursing therapies and opportunity to learn self care, consultancy services about Entheogenic medicine and Safe Psychedelic Practices to individuals and organisations.

I can help you design and implement the most efficient health and safety practices for the individual and community needs in the spirit of Permaculture – the art and science of Sustainable Life design.

I walk alongside my patients, supporting them through life challenges and transitions in person or telecommunication mode, advocate for them and help them rediscover their path in any circumstances.

I can guide you in the safe direction if you find yourself on the fringe of life, fully believing in practices of harm reduction and striving to empower every patient without judgement or personal bias, working as a Community Holistic Health Support.

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~Health Inspired Nursing~