Whispers from the Other side

The Values I hold dear:


The simplicity of one kind act sends such a ripple of light around. Have you noticed? 

It’s pure magic.



It comes with the territory perhaps. I believe a  trained nurse who still hears “the call” will always look at Health before anything else, including Profit, Self actualization, Independence, Freedom  or any other beautiful things  that anyone might wish for. 

Is an action beneficial for the health of individuals involved and the community? No? Pass right on and put your thinking Cat back on. 


Being alive comes with a whole bag of messy emotions, weird attractions and confusing contradictions. 

How do we find sense in all that?

Truth with ourselves is  the beacon that leads us forward. Truth with others helps us find genuine and often unexpected friendships.


“… ONCE UPON A TIME …” virtual playpen for creative stirrings


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~Health Inspired Nursing~

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