Wild garlic pesto – Vegan variety

I’ve come across people that brag about making wild garlic pesto so many times all around the globe. And now I am one of them!! Facing my recent doubts about possibility of enjoying dairy without having to think about slaughtered baby cows .. and also lack of hard cheese in my fridge – tah dah –



Despite the fact that it took expensive culinary items like walnuts and extra virgin olive oil, it still feels like free – foraged in the yard – food. Go figure..

Thank you Mother Nature!

And now, as I don’t really like garlic that much, what to do with 2 jars of beautiful green goodness… Swap for walnuts or Extra Virgin Olive oil anyone?








Tutu – any poison can be medicine?

My recent escape into the great NZ outdoors was Natively fruitful… A few juicy branches of the most poisonous NZ plant – Tutu – safely tucked in the backpack and brought home. Some hesitation about tools for processing.. and with “she’ll be all right.. i guess” I am using a kitchen knife and the other side of a cutting board.

Perfect fit into a jar I carefully selected from 2 available options, just enough sesame oil from my Ayurvedic times to cover it up, and dah-dah – infused oil in its infancy. To be processed at new moon in 3 weeks.

Identification of the plant – not a trace of doubt. Choice of young vs mature – questionable (went for the vibrancy of youth this time).