Preparation for a psychedelic ceremony

Google slides: Review of of things to consider.

Preparation Is essential

  • Philosophy
  • Risks
  • Set/Setting
  • Getting ready

Philosophy: Non-duality, Gaia paradigm/Shamanism, Permaculture, Archetypes

Risks: Physiological (+/- Psilocybin), Psychological (Pathologizing experience, Dark Night of the Soul), Psychiatric (HPPD, Severe Depression/Anxiety, onset of long term Altered states), Social (alienation, lack of trust/faith/companionship)

Set: Humble Warrior. Setting: Safe, Clean, Comfortable, Aesthetically Appropriate 

Getting ready: Ethical Source and Premium Quality, Practice as Sacrifice, Stand-by (Virtual) Assistant, Time, Space, Comforts for Integration, Music as needed, Clean and tidy, Dose considerations, Ritual and Prayer


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