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Nasturtium relish

The culinary experiments with “free wild food” continue.. Succulently pungent stems of Tropaeolum majus masterfully blended with some beetroot and a pinch of salt. Tah-dah – my  Nasturtium relish a la borsch…

Known to herbalists for its antimicrobial property, this lovely plant can be used for stubborn coughs, nasty bladder and skin infections.  It is also said to stimulate hair growth when rubbed into the scalp.. hm… I’m sure the beet root will add an irresistible burgundy glow to the scalp as well  …

Wild garlic pesto – Vegan variety

I’ve come across people that brag about making wild garlic pesto so many times all around the globe. And now I am one of them!! Facing my recent doubts about possibility of enjoying dairy without having to think about slaughtered baby cows .. and also lack of hard cheese in my fridge – tah dah –



Despite the fact that it took expensive culinary items like walnuts and extra virgin olive oil, it still feels like free – foraged in the yard – food. Go figure..

Thank you Mother Nature!

And now, as I don’t really like garlic that much, what to do with 2 jars of beautiful green goodness… Swap for walnuts or Extra Virgin Olive oil anyone?







Tutu – any poison can be medicine?

My recent escape into the great NZ outdoors was Natively fruitful… A few juicy branches of the most poisonous NZ plant – Tutu – safely tucked in the backpack and brought home. Some hesitation about tools for processing.. and with “she’ll be all right.. i guess” I am using a kitchen knife and the other side of a cutting board.

Perfect fit into a jar I carefully selected from 2 available options, just enough sesame oil from my Ayurvedic times to cover it up, and dah-dah – infused oil in its infancy. To be processed at new moon in 3 weeks.

Identification of the plant – not a trace of doubt. Choice of young vs mature – questionable (went for the vibrancy of youth this time).