The Addict in All of Us

Gabor mate

Gabor Maté’s Unflinching Vision By Lauren Dockett, Rich Simon in Psychotherapy Networker

Well articulated and insightful article that fails to provide much guidance on how to deal with “The addict in All of Us”.
“PN: Is there any evidence that our treatment approaches today are that much more effective in resolving addictions than they once were?

MATÉ: No. Our failure rate, the relapse rate, is miserable.”


It is interesting that the article and the interview with Dr. Gabor Mate focuses mostly on our current understanding of addictions and his personal challenges with the “inner demons”. Not so much on what to do with the demons. Not even on the potential of the entheogen, Ayahuasca, he has been working with for a number of years and has claimed to be of value.  Is there really no evidence that this approach can be substantially more effective? No case studies, anecdotal evidence or first hand experiences worth including in the article that can give certain hope to “The addict in all of us”? What about the new documentary The Path of the Shaman, which “explore[s] Dr. Maté’s work with ayahuasca and how it is used to help people manage struggles with addictions and mental-health challenges, as well as chronic physical ailments”?

“So the treatment has to aim at nothing less than the restoration of the individual to themselves and to their capacity to be with the present moment, whether the present moment is pleasant or not.” 

And how available is that treatment, if even the doctor might have not yet achieved the mentioned restoration?

Doctor, Doctor, Heal Thyself? Thank you for exploratory work you do, for your understanding and compassion, but what we perhaps need more is help and hope. And only examples of success can do.

Can you train your demons and teach us how?

How about professional collaboration with an expert on the Present Moment, a fellow Vancouver resident – Eckhart Tolle?

eckhart tolle




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